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To our Visitor
For the discerning visitors who want more than just sun, sea and sand, I welcome you to world’s only authentic Jamaican one love drive and its diverse offerings

Experience our culture: The way we worship, our schools, our community and families, the games we play, the many authentic personalities and their ways of living

You will be fascinated by underground caves, the magnificent rock formations, hillside ranges, the many indigenous plants and animals. Take picture of our domestic animals and pop a piece of bougainvillea blossom and stick it in your hair

Indulge yourselves by jumping off world famous cliffs into crystal clear water, go snorkeling and see breathtaking underwater nature’s marvel. Immerse yourselves into the romance of spectacular sunsets, while being serenade by our local superstars

De-stress and relax with a massage from any of our wellness spas on the cliffs while being comforted by wave splashing against some of nature’s most scenic coral rock formations

Peruse and patronize world the famous fine art galleries and meet the artists, get the best bargain on blue mountain coffee, rum, Jamaican fashions and many other authentic souvenirs

Experience Rasta way of living- their ceremonies, Bee faming, roots brewing, cane juicing, herbs and spice gardening, hair braiding, craft making, the drumming and chanting, their wellness and backyard farming practices and doctrines

Live demonstrations on how we prepare our meals and beverages at anyone of our fifty restaurants and bars (run down, curry goat and chicken, jerk, patties, blue draws, peanut and coconut drops, sauces, cane juice, vegetable juice, rum punch and much more. And you are welcome to the recipes

Don’t miss the many shows: crab racing, donkey racing, fire dancing, john canoe, traditional folk dancing, spiritual revival ceremonies. Build relationships and play games with the locals -pool, dominoes, soccer, cricket, dance and learn the moves

Hop on the one love drive shuttle bus for a short journey into the authentic Jamaican on love experience

All these would not have been possible without participating cluster members, significantly Carey Wallace, Clive Pringle, Delroy Johnson, Keith Dewayne ,Ryan Morrison Natalie Grandison ,Grace Lee, Kevin Harvey , Windy Barnet and PSDP our sponsor

Enjoy the spirits on the One Love Drive, Negril Jamaica

One love,

Lenbert Williams
Cluster Chairman

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