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Whereas The Negril Enhancement Foundation (NEF) founded in 2006, incorporated in 2009, has been undertaking the task to increase arrivals and boost occupancy by bringing in an additional 20,000 visitors to Negril annually. This will be achieved using brand name One Love Drive, empowering the people and the MSMES of Western Jamaica but in particular Negril. The Foundation plans to do so by partnership and collaboration with stakeholders, institutions, companies and individuals who are loyal to our cause. We have been using Special Events, Education and Training, Marketing, Community Strengthening, sustainable product development and Collaborations in our efforts to pursue our goals of creating the number one cultural mecca in the Caribbean on the One Love Drive (Formerly West End Road).


Our pilot project was funded by The European Union (EU) through their private sector development program (PSDP) administered by Jampro/JTI. The plan was successfully implemented over 2 years. We were awarded the best Cluster out of a group of 5 managed by JTI . We are now funded by Tourism Enhancement Fund(TEF).
  for Proposal to market and attract visitors to the small medium amd micro enterprises especially on the West End's, One Love Drive,Negril  


Over the short life of the organization we have worked with, Jamaica Tourist Board, (JTB), Jamaica Hotels and Tourist Association (JHTA), Negril Chamber of Commerce (NCC), JAMPRO/JTI, Social Development Corporation (SDC) and are now working with the University of the West Indies (UWI)Tourism Enhancement Fund(TEF).

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